I am 43 years old. I was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida where my father was stationed as a pilot in the Air Force at the time. We soon moved to Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (central time zone) where I now live.

I have an older sister and three step brothers, two older and one younger, that I grew up with. My two older step brothers were in the US Marine Corp, one just recently retired after 20 year and is working in Iraq as a civilian. My father was an Air Force pilot in Vietnam. I was in the US Air Force for a 6 year enlistment during the 90s. I have been a deputized county official, an inspector for fighter aircraft electrical systems, a US Air Force meteorologist with a side of Russian Crypto-Linguist added, and now support a major airline’s corporate headquarters’ training facility as a network administrator and technician, which I have done for the last eight years.

I lived for three years (while serving in the Air Force) in Southern Germany and traveled to several countries in continental Europe while I was there. My last two years of service were in Oklahoma City, yawn. I have also traveled for business to Jakarta, Indonesia for a few weeks. I have lived in California and Illinois for a short time as well. I have studied German, French and Russian languages and am only slightly proficient in German now due to lack of use of them all. My family background is from central North Carolina and some in Kentucky while I have traced my Kirchdorfer family name back to the mid-1750s to the Germanic enclave of Alsace, France. I have also traced my mother’s family name back to the 1500s in England as archers for Henry VIII.

I have attended, over the years, Tarrant County College, University of Maryland and the Community College of the Air Force and have decided to finally get my Bachelors from the University of Phoenix.

I have two children, a 22 year old son, from a previous marriage and my four year old daughter, with my wife Elizabeth. My wife has her Masters Degree (I need to catch up) and is a state-licensed speech pathologist.

I have been active in local community theater as an actor and director, winning awards for both but have not had the free time to devote to it in the last couple of years (babies and school do that). My wife got me interested in theater when we got married. Since I am more technically inclined I gravitated toward design and direction. She is a singer and actress and has been involved in local community theater for almost 20 years.

My hobbies are astronomy, homebrewing beer, cooking, playing with my daughter, working in the yard (Texas summers, ouch!), enjoying my home theater (my favorite toy/hobby at the moment), collecting movies, throwing themed parties with my wife, designing high-quality Halloween props and set pieces for our neighborhood haunt each year with the help of my father (a retired engineer), computers and researching my family tree, among many, many other interests.

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