Photo Galleries

Jillian's swing set being built

(June 2007)

Jillian's Ballet Recital

(May 2008)

Aaron's Short visit to DFW

(June 2008)

Shawn's Graduation from the University of Phoenix

(July 2008)

Miscellaneous photos of Jillian

(2007 - 2008)

Jillian's 5th Birthday Party (Hannah Montana "Concert" in our garage)

(held Dec 06, 2008)

Jillian's 6th Birthday

(Dec 2010)

Star Party
at The Fort Worth Museum
Science and History

(April 2010)

Our New Puppy - "Snowy"

(April 2010)

The Texas Blizzard of '10

(February 2010)

Scarborough Faire
Waxahachie, Texas

(May 2010)

Jillian's Stage Debut
(May 2010)

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