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6-inch f/8 Dobsonian Telescope

Blueprints and Photos of my telescope. (PDF file)

Best viewed on screen to zoom, or printed on large format paper such as blueprint-sized paper.
My slightly altered version of the telescope found in the book "Build your Own Telescope" by Richard Berry. These have suggested modifications I had to make on my telescope during the build that might help others.
(NOTE:The book link will open in a new window on a different website.)

For more instructions, click here.


MS Visio Setting Circles Template Tutorial

Microsoft Visio 2007 used to generate and print 1:1 drawings for alt-azimuth setting circles on an inkjet or laser printer. These can be scaled to any size and printed then cut and glued to wooden or metal circles. They are pretty accurate if installed correctly.


(PDF of blueprints)

3-foot Tall Denver-Type Observing Chair

Blueprints of my version of the chair. (HTML version)

(PHOTOS COMING) The attached PDF is the drawing I created and used to make the chair. I did this after looking at other designs on the Internet and came up with a way to make it almost completely out of two 8-foot 2x4's (about 11 feet total will be needed), a piece of 1x0.5 edge molding, some 1-inch wooden dowels, a door hinge and a couple of bolts.

The front and back upright and the front-bottom cross stabilizer are all cut from one 8-foot 2x4. Only the front upright needs to be beveled. This gives side to side stability for the chair, obviously. The back upright can be left squared off. This allows the bottom edge in the back to dig into the ground a little for stability.

I've used folding chairs and stools before making this, and I have to say it makes adjusting your position through a night of observing at a dob quite pleasant. It worked really well for adjusting it to accomodate younger observers when our astronomy club was hosting a star party. Lots of people sitting down and getting back up all night long. The chair held up to numerous people sitting down and getting up all night long so it is very sturdy. It's also a little on the heavy side since it uses 2x4s but this also makes it more durable. Because it folds up quite small, the weight doesn't cause a problem when transporting it

Click image or link to see my completed platform.

(Click image for How-to instructions.)

Equatorial Platform for 6-inch Dob Telescope described in a previous project

Blueprints and Photos of my EQ platform.
Plans for designing and building an inexpensive, motorized equartorial platform:

Wood (from salvaged cabinets - $0), Plastic gears (salvaged from an old printer - $0), a set of eight in-line skate wheels and bearings (bought from - $25), and a 10 RPM, 300:1 geared, high torque drive motor (from - $29), to facilitate using a dobsonian mounted telescope for long duration FOV observing.

An EQ platform will essentially turn your dobsonian telescope into an equatorial telescope. This will allow you to keep an object in the field of view in a dobsonian telescope for sustained periods of time without having to constantly adjust the telescope's position. This will also allow for long exposure (at least 50 minutes with this design) astro-photography.

"THE LIGHT BUCKET" - Special Project

(blueprints and photos)

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